Judgement (AQ)

The Athene Quotient ™ (AQ)- The AQ is an outstanding assessment for all employees, from front line workers to senior executives. The AQ measures “Good Judgment.” Not only can good judgment be identified in new hires, it can be identified and taught to existing employees. Imagine if everyone in your company operated with the good judgment exhibited by your top employees. The AQ isn’t laborious or intimidating. Most people complete the AQ in less than fifteen minutes. Simply put, the AQ assessment is the most effective predictor of employee and executive success in use today. The AQ not only ensures that you have the right people on the bus…it helps ensure that each person is in the right seat.

What is The Athene Quotient ™ (AQ)? – The AQ was developed around one of the most efficient and elegant discoveries in statistical theory developed in the human sciences. The initial development work was begun by the Nobel Prize-nominated scholar, Dr. Robert Hartman and has continued with Dr. Steve Byrum for the past 35 years. While highly predictive as a general hiring tool, the AQ becomes a very powerful tool when combined with hiring templates customized to your business and job descriptions. This application of the AQ is one of the most widely used, and well liked by our corporate partners.

How can The Athene Quotient ™ (AQ) Help? – Having the right people in your company is the most fundamental use of the AQ and often the application with the highest return on investment. Use of the AQ for hiring and promotion represents the most broad-based use of the tool. It not only helps recruit the right people to your organization, it helps prevent exposure to the wrong people. The AQ, combined with customized reporting and one-on-one consulting can help you:

  • Hire and promote better employees at every level of your organization
  • Customize hiring processes based on your unique “best performance” models
  • Lower attrition or turnover-including backdoor turnover, the loss of your best employees
  • Reduce costs associated with hiring mistakes such as recruiting fees, direct training expenses, and wasted time and poor productivity

An increasing number of organizations are discovering even more profound uses of the AQ. These applications, when combined with use of the Quotient for hiring and promoting, are producing dramatic impact. For example, organizations are using the AQ to:

  • Build more self-conscious, strategic and robust teams that are diverse in talent, not limited by tunnel vision, and capable of managing internal conflict
  • mprove strategic decision-making through development of visionary, “big picture” skills, judgments that drive product and service quality and improvements in executive decision-making
  • Foster leadership development by identifying potential leaders, evaluating individuals entering leadership processes and positions, and providing specific, customized development plans for leaders
  • Create individual development programs for employees that are positive, rewarding, cost neutral and actually valued by employees
  • Support wellness initiatives which can lower healthcare costs
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