Integrity & Honesty (VAQ)

The VAQ5 Pre-employment Test and Interviewing System

The VAQ5 measures personal characteristics that help you hire the best people for positions where trust and integrity are important. It is a pre-employment test for honesty…and a whole lot more. The VAQ helps you quickly identify applicants who will work harder, stay longer, and increase your company’s profitability. The VAQ5 provides you with risk indicators in four key areas including theft propensity, current illegal drug use, current alcohol use, and credibility.

The VAQ5 was developed by James Bassett who was formerly trained as a Polygraph Examiner. The VAQ works together with your employment application to identify job applicants early in the screening process who merit further consideration. This creates two advantages. First, you can inexpensively eliminate undesirable applicants faster and secondly, it improves the “due diligence” part of your hiring process – a process that is time-consuming and expensive.

How can The VAQ5TM Pre-employment Test and Interviewing System help you?

The VAQ gives you basic information you can easily understand and immediately use to assess each job applicant. First, the VAQ tests applicants. – and provides risk levels (Low, Marginal, High) in 4 key categories:

  • Theft Propensity – Three different types of theft questions assess the likelihood the applicant will steal from your company – theft attitudes, theft admissions, and behavior in hypothetical theft situations.
  • Current Illegal Drug Use – Is your applicant a current user of illegal drugs?
  • Current Alcohol Use – Will their drinking interfere with performance and attendance?
  • Credibility – Is this person a truth teller or merely marking answers that make them look good.

Then, the VAQ goes a step further than other pre-employment tests by asking questions in these additional categories:

  • Work History – Are they a job hopper? Will they come to work every day? On time?
  • Work Attitude – Are they a team player or a malcontent? Will they give an all-out effort or give just enough to get by?
  • Customer Service Attitude – Will they provide customer service that keeps them coming back or will their negativity offend your customers?
  • Fundamental Data – Have they committed crimes – detected or undetected? Are they an irresponsible debtor, stalker, or do they have an unhealthy fascination with guns.
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