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DISC Behavioral Assessment – This is a behavioral style analysis that describes behavior or what a person says and what they do. Your business can benefit from this analysis by using it to improve company communication, reduce conflict, accelerate team performance, maximize leadership development, and increase sales and service. For a more information about the DISC analysis please click the link located just to the right.

What Is the DISC Behavioral Assessment? Рit is a behavioral style analysis based on the work of Dr. William Marston who wrote The Emotions of Normal People in 1928. (He also invented the lie detector.)

How can the DISC help you? It can help improve your interpersonal communications and your business relationships.

DISC stands for the four basic behavioral styles:

Basic assumptions:

  • There are four basic behavioral styles, none of which is better or worse than any other.
  • Your dominant style influences the way you act, react, and interact.
  • Each style has its own characteristic strengths and weaknesses.
  • The behavioral patterns of one style tend to conflict with those of the other three styles (meaning it is easier to get along with people of the same style as you).
  • The behavioral patterns of one style can complement those of the other three styles, making it more advantageous to work with people of a different style.
  • To create effective working relationships, it’s helpful to understand and adapt to the behavioral styles of the people you are working with.

The DISC behavorial assessment describes behavior – what you say and do, the external and observable expression of your life.

It does not delve into your personality (the mental, emotional, and behavioral composition of your inner life), motives, values, skills, or experience.

You can use DISC to:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Improve collaboration and reduce conflict
  • Build high-functioning teams
  • Become a more effective leader
  • Increase sales and service success
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